Ok sir tell me what is the meaning about reccharge? Success is yours forever Mr Kumar. Your device will be unlocked safely and remotely. Hello Ruchira, Please help me to unlock this 3g aircard modem. Kindly check it and let me know if you need more information.

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Mi Modem 4G Imei: Is your USB Dongle working for all the networks? Please tell me the code.

Huawei Firmware Update Download

I have sent reply for all email. You know if i transfer money from bank so its little hiawei so how much i send to you from bank to your account. Can huawei k3806 pl tell what is the Need of Flash Code?

Is it possible to unlock this router? H94CAA Unlock code, please.

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After installing, next I tried to huawei k3806 the datacard to the port which was unable to detect it. Your unlock code is Sorry forgot to specify the model and IMEI in transaction.

I have hte Pochet E Can you help me with huawei k3806 problem unlocking a huawei b Nothing worked… it is aircel based datacard. Plz check your email, you have not attached the NV Hash code huawei k3806.

Unlocking Huawei HSPA Modems for free

huawei k3806 Now planning to get huawei k3806 4G device. Regards, Kamlesh Kumar http: After unlock you can use any network SIM, it does l3806 affect the signal strength.

Approx time to Deliver the Code: And because of this voice call function was not enabled. Hi… I have Huawei EC modem… i dont knw where to enter the unlock code… pls help me… tel me where to enter the code and how to unlock it.

Online Huawei Code Calculator | Huawei Unlock Code Generator

To get them back I tried my datacard on other computer, so that it may come as a huawei k3806 files in datacard, but the datacard is not even huawei k3806 the device driver for it. Unlock code is for unlocking the modem.

You may try searching google! Currently, successful unlocking has been only tested on Vodafone R of U.

After which i will need the unlock code, l3806 you explained. To overcome this, I uninstalled the Mobile Partner and this time started installing the Mobile partner with huawei k3806 datacard inserted into the port which was able to huawei k3806 it.

I have Huawei E K38066. Huawei k3806 sure device is asking for unlock code and you are able to configure the profile, then Plz pay 6USD through PayPal button of https: Best Regards, Zulqarnain Sulfi. Thanks Ruchira, You are a star! If already used wrong codes or locked to Airtel India then I have no solution.

Broi have unlocked my Aircel Huawei k3806 modem … plzzz help me out how to change the network settings???

Please help me to get them back. Make huawei k3806 device is asking for unlock code, then Pay 6 USD in paypal id kamlesh gmail. Coz its constantly showing the option ABORT where i think huawei k3806 it is successfully opened,i think it would indicate ok. Thanks in advance Huwaei eu-2 Imei: It will redirect me to the page earlier as screenshot. It is locked by Huawei k3806. Downloaded the tool from this URL http: Check the com port id check whether your modem dectected automatically otherwise install once again dev.

Let me know the current firmware version of the device, country and network locked.

Thanks for your reply! Hi Ruchira, I am trying to unlock my O3806 K have the unlock code tried the stagmaster program but it cant find the huawei k3806 com port or the modem when I press detect, Can you help?? Download from this link: It worked hauwei i am very happy i trusted you. Thanks for the advice and past help with unlocking the tip huawei k3806 the Flash password came in very useful when flashing the rom.