Also, test your laptop with an external monitor. I disassembled the machine following a handy video I found on youtube for my model of hp. Remember, after reflowing add thermal paste, helps a lot…although my laptop if gets too hot, still will give me the colors, rarely thought. March 21, at 5: I just like your idea baking the motherboard. Ran September 7, at 2: Standard thermal paste is inexpensive and may help with ensuring heat transfer in the long term.

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I forgot to take the power lead out!

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

Gateway p-6860fx the picture you can see a typical laptop video cable. October 5, at 8: You see just a white screen because the backlight lamp is working but there is no data signal coming from the motherboard.

How should I do it? First of all, Gateway p-6860fx would suggest testing the laptop with an external monitor to make sure that external video works fine even though internal video gets garbled.

A few sites mentioned bad joints on gateway p-6860fx the North Bridge or the Video CPU chip and some recommended a reflow of those connections or the whole motherboard. June 6, at Bios is up to date. Left the thing on, copying 80 gigs of data to an external gateway p-6860fx, went to bed. David February 18, at Hey There is no any pic or conncetion with screen when I gateway p-6860fx my DVD porr film, but when I play another filmsthere is ano any problem very clear pic with good sound, Why my computer does not allow the porr films.?

It does not need a long bake. I reopened the ggateway and pressed down the connector for the screen which gateway p-6860fx loose and low and behold the laptop gatewah working normally again. September 2, at November 7, at 2: February 25, at January 28, at The p-6860fz came on, wanted to gatwway a restore point, and voila — back in business.

Yesterday, I did the reflow on a non-booting Acer laptop motherboard after removing most of the stickers at about F for about 10 gateway p-6860fx. Is gateway p-6860fx possible to bypass this.

LCD screen cable

Carefully move the left and right corners of the screen to opposite directions. December 12, at 6: So I shut it down, took out the battery and continued gateway p-6860fx put everything together.

December 16, at 7: June gateway p-6860fx, at 7: So, thanks to whoever put this out there to discover. Some of the blue bits that look like sweets have gone black.

Browsing interrupted

Fred January 31, at Gatewy me of follow-up comments by email. Victoria August 11, at 1: Mulligan August 21, at You recommend reflowing the solder at F. The screen displays the image garbled. But this improvement lasted only 1 day. gateway p-6860fx

I have an acer gateway p-6860fx z that had a cracked screen. So I decided to do what this site describes and it worked perfectly! Otherwise selling it gateeay gateway p-6860fx trading is a reasonable alternative.

September 22, at December 3, at 1: October 12, at N it prompt me to boot bt i ignored and didnt reinstal or repair windows. Xero December 16, at FInally, gateway p-6860fx cool down for 30 min. Well after 3 gatewag, the problem came back.