Boil some water 3. Daniel [ Reply ]. It was a toshiba drive. Jefferson [ Reply ]. Unknowingly it asked me hard drive password dont know how it was set.

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Wilz [ Reply ]. I believe they have the masterkey to unlock them.

4 Unlock and Recover Hard Drive Password with Hard Disk Password Removal Tool

Emmanuel [ Reply ]. Please do help me. Your kind reply with solution will highly appreciate in this regard. Maybe you forgot about it, if that is the case, good luck. You are a Genius!!!

Hossam [ Reply ]. I also did a back up to that Data but when i restore it … it goes back into same Drives …. First out hard disk from laptop and attach it in any desktop pairler HD.

Lorena [ Reply ]. I forgot the password of my hard drive. My Hard Disk had a password, my computer is damaged so I connected the mentioned hard disk in another CPU mother board so wright now the hard disk is not being opened. I did not forgot the password, but go tied of typing. Ed [ Reply ]. Unlike the Bios password gateway mt3707 windows xp there is a master key or with the removal of the bios battery gateway mt3707 windows xp, the password is erased from the flash memory thus the settings is restored to factory settings without the gateway mt3707 windows xp, however, this does not applies to hard disk.

Raul [ Reply ].

Completely forgotten the password. Debu [ Gateway mt3707 windows xp ]. I try with XP and 7: I have forgotten the pw.

I really appreciate if you share ur ingenious knowledge. Wht should be do.? Daniel [ Reply ]. Respected sir i ware locked my hcl laptop with hdd password. How will i be able to remove the password with your technique if i window access my laptop?

Hi, I have several HDD locked with password. These are people looking for gateway mt3707 windows xp and not some 40 lb soaking wet cyber bully looking to flex nonexistant muscles while hiding in the web!

4 Unlock and Recover Hard Drive Password with Hard Disk Password Removal Tool

I just want to unlock it without loosing my data. Juan [ Reply ]. All people give me their laptop. My Dell inspiring 15z laptop has been stolenI had a bios password and HDD passwordgateway mt3707 windows xp the thief be able to by pass the password and access my information on wineows HDD? Christopher [ Reply ].

More often than gateway mt3707 windows xp, they do not have a master key. Reason being that HDD password are meant to protect the content from being stolen, thus it will probably take a super computer to break the code. Now we cannot mf3707 into the laptop we cannot get past the HDD password. It is impossible, this software is useless.